Welcome To My World

Hey there and welcome to my site. I'm Juan Oscar Silva, a portrait and fashion photographer located in Central Florida. I have always loved the visual arts, but it wasn't until 2009 when I got my first DSLR camera that I knew I would one day conquer the world, or at least photograph in it.

I have always loved not only taking pictures of people but editing them as well. There is something about one person being able to look so many different ways and show so many different emotions that I find beautiful. I love being able to also show people what I really see through my eyes.

It is without a doubt that I live in world of amazing sights. Everyone was made beautiful and I am proud to have been granted the ability to see that. In a world where the perception of beauty has been shifted by media, I seek the true beauty in everyone. When you stand in front of my camera, my single goal is to show you what I see, to show you that you too can look like what the media shows. Why not get the celebrity treatment? Why not look and feel like a celebrity?